A Guide to Thanksgiving Centerpieces & A Free Download!

A Guide to Thanksgiving Centerpieces & A Free Download!

We like to think that the heart of a home beats loudest when people gather around a table to share a meal together. And what better way to honor that table than adorning it beautifully? Whether you’re hosting for many or just a few, a simple centerpiece is a great way to tie the entire night together. 

Thanksgiving tables hold a special place in people’s hearts. Many have memories of circling the table and listing what they’re grateful for. Or have special traditions surrounding the day and the meal. So, whatever tablescape or centerpiece you choose, remember the heartiness and wholesome sentiments that often surround the Thanksgiving table.

Here are some tips for creating centerpieces (and we have a freebie for you at the end of the post!):

Consider the serving plan and guest count. Are you hosting ten people and serving family style? Or twenty-five people buffet style? Both are different serving situations and may even likely have different table set-ups. If you have one table but you need the surface area for food, consider creating a small, bold centerpiece. Whereas, if you will be having a handful of tables where your guests will bring their plates to, consider larger centerpieces to include on your tables. As much as the styling and design is important, the practicality of the centerpiece matters most!

Plan textures and colors to accentuate the room and mood. Find a design element that inspires you - minimal, floral, neutral, etc. Then think about how your centerpiece can convey the theme of the table. Greenery and flowers are both very versatile- think garland, wreaths, or simply placed in vases. And candles can go a long way in creating a soft, intimate mood at the table.

Use what you have. The best way to start a centerpiece is to use what you have. And because you are designing it, you can be creative in what you use. For example, consider using a decorative pitcher as a vase, or a small wreath as garland around a set of candles. Take a walk around your home and see what pieces you might be able to use on your table.

Purchase items you’ll use again in the future. If you do need to buy something for your table, get an item you could see yourself using again and again in the future. Neutrals are a great way to keep your items in rotation throughout everyday use and holidays.

All of the centerpieces pictured here can be found right at Peace Marketplace! We have plenty of options to create a beautiful centerpiece.

One final addition to your Thanksgiving table might be gratitude cards for each place setting. Give each guest a card and a pen or pencil. It's the perfect way to remember the reason for the day. Download and print your free gratitude cards here!


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