Appetizers Made Easy & A Free Download!

Appetizers Made Easy & A Free Download!

Turkey might be the star of the show at the dinner table on Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean your appetizers can’t pack a punch, too! 

Providing apps and starters is a balancing act. You want your guests to have something delicious to snack on before the main course comes out, but you also still want them to reserve an appetite for dinner. We’ve lined up three appetizer options that are the perfect blend of light and delicious. And the best part? You can pick everything up right in store!

Spinach artichoke dips are always a great route to go for appetizers. Our River Valley dip mix is so easy - just add cream cheese! Paired with our Isola crostini is the perfect light bite for your guests this Thanksgiving!


Bruschetta has never been so good! The spicy olive bruschetta is a great take on an old favorite. Served with our Isola bruschetta for a perfect blend of flavors!
Chips and salsa are a crowd pleaser for a reason. Pair River Valley Ranch's heirloom tomato salsa with Masa Uno's chips and you've nailed the simplest appetizer with bold flavor!
We've got you covered on the appetizers, but if you're out shopping for the rest of the meal, we have a free grocery planning download here!



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