August Hill for the Holidays

August Hill for the Holidays

December is here, and we're in the sweet spot between Thanksgiving and New Year's. The holiday hustle and bustle surrounds us as we gather gifts, bake cookies, and fill our homes with cheer. 

We want to make this time of year easier on you with gift ideas and inspiration, as well as provide you with opportunities to find rest and joy this season. And what better way to kick that off than with a glass of wine!

August Hill Wine, our go-to at Peace Marketplace, offers a variety of delicious styles that are perfect for any number of occasions this month. We've been inspired to share some ideas to start off the Christmas season. So, here's to August Hill for the holidays, and cheers to kicking off the most magical time of the year!

  • One perfect way to use August Hill this Christmas is to gift it to a loved one. Wine is meant to be shared and paired. So not only are you gifting a great bottle of wine, but you're gifting an experience. Pair some of our favorite wines with artisanal handmade glasses, meal components for a date night in, or our favorite sweets. You can find everything right at Peace Marketplace, and we'll even gift wrap it for you, too!
  • Another way to enjoy a glass of August Hill wine is to host a holiday get together. Have guests don their best Christmas sweater and bring their favorite bottle of wine and something to pair with it. We're thinking delicious cheeses and dark chocolate! Cue the Christmas tunes and enjoy a wine night with friends.
  • And finally, one of the simplest ways to enjoy your wine during this season is to light a candle or two and uncork a bottle of August Hill. The chaos of the holidays is hard to escape, but allow yourself rest and relaxation as you close out the year with a simple quiet night in your home.

Cheers, friends!

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