Coffee Table Styling

It's no surprise that some of our favorite items in the store are those that add to the style and warmth of a home. Putting a personal touch on one's space is something we love to be a part of.

Whether it's the kitchen or living room, we like to have versatile pieces that can fit in many different places in your home. Today, we're giving some inspiration for coffee tables - high traffic spots in many homes that need the perfect mix of design and practicality. Three important things to remember when styling coffee tables are balance, texture, and function.

Regardless of coffee table size, balance is really important to creating a finished look. Consider the shapes and sizes of your decor items like coffee table books, decorative bowls, trays, and candles to balance the visuals. Pair a larger piece and a smaller piece to create a vignette, while a stack of books gives some dimension.
A great opportunity to flex your design muscles and add your personal style is through texture. Woods, marbles, and linens are great ways to add some texture to an otherwise flat surface. Mixing tones and textures creates timeless looks that flow well with any home decor styles. Shop our favorite wood candles and catch all trays here.
At the end of the day, one of the most important things about a coffee table is its function. So with balance and texture in mind, keep the space you need for everyday use. Whether thats easily movable decor pieces for family game night, or a more minimal design for cups of tea around the table. 

We hope your coffee tables are little gathering spots for sweet memories with family and friends while also being a statement of personal style in your homes.

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