Gratitude Gifting

Gratitude Gifting

Christmas is typically the season for giving. But, with Thanksgiving around the corner, consider a gratitude gift this year - something simple to say thank-you to those around you. How can we really give thanks this season?

Start with a gratitude list. How often as adults do we actually physically list out the people and things we are thankful for? Thinks of those around you. Perhaps it's a co-worker you'd like to thank for helping you. Or a friend for being there for you recently. Take time this season to reflect on the people in life you're grateful for.

Or, when arriving to the Thanksgiving meal, consider a simple 'thank-you for hosting' as a way to show your appreciation. A candle or consumable is a perfect gesture to bring even more joy into someone's home.

And our favorite way to show gratitude - a handwritten note. Sometimes our words are all we need to show appreciation. It's simple and easy to do, and you likely have all the supplies you need.

So, here's to grateful hearts this Thanksgiving.


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