Hosting Simply with Nora Fleming

Hosting Simply with Nora Fleming

Oh the joys of hosting, an art made to look so easy by some. Between frantically cleaning the house and deciding what to serve the guests, you're also trying to decide how best to celebrate and entertain for the occasion.

At Peace Marketplace, we want to take some of the pressure off so you can truly enjoy yourself while hosting. One of our favorite ways to do that is by using Nora Fleming pieces throughout the year.

Style meets function with the variety of serving trays, platters, and other kitchen items. Not only are the pieces beautiful on their own, but the mini's bring the festivities to life. 

Nora Fleming pieces figure out how to serve it, so you just need to worry about what to serve. So, if you're in need of some hosting materials this holiday season, stop in the store and we'll help you find just what you need.

And here's a tip: Nora Fleming items make great gifts. And, it's a gift that keeps giving with the variety of minis, too!

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