How Sweet It Is

How Sweet It Is

Sweetest Day is almost here!

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While it may feel like Sweetest Day has only gotten popular over the last decade, would you be surprised to find out that it actually originated in 1921? Here are some more deliciously fun facts about this sweet day!

Sweet Beginnings

This “holiday” was actually a concocted promotion created by the candy industry with the only goal being to increase candy sales. The first official Sweetest Day in the books was on October 10, 1921 in Cleveland, Ohio. Originally named “Candy Day” by twelve candy makers who called themselves the “Sweetest Day in the Year Committee”, it wasn't until years later that the day became known as Sweetest Day. Nowadays, it is celebrated on the third Saturday in October and this year it lands on October 19th.

Not a National Holiday…

Did you know Sweetest Day was primarily celebrated in the Midwest? While that is definitely changing as more and more people take part in this fun day, many people throughout the country had know idea this day even existed! Hallmark helped increase its popularity when in 2006, they marketed over 150 card designs for Sweetest Day alone. However, it is still most popular here in the Midwest - Detroit and Cleveland are some of the biggest cities to celebrate the day!

Bigger than Mother’s Day?!

Yes! According to Retail Confectioners International, a trade association made up of chocolate and candy makers, some of its members report that Sweetest Day candy sales are bigger than those for Mother's Day. The reason for this could be how popular this day has become with young people on social media, as well as the fact that Sweetest Day offers another opportunity to celebrate the special people in one's life. Falling midway between Father's Day in June and the winter holidays, Sweetest Day provides an occasion for expressing love and appreciation to friends and family during a time when most people are just starting their Christmas lists!

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