Mojito Party Gift Set

Take gifting to the next level with our featured gift sets that bring the joy of gathering and sharing together. Enjoy the gift set on its own, or check out ways to enhance the experience! 

We'll put the gift set together, and you choose the lucky recipient to enjoy this perfect summer gift!

Mojito Party Gift Set

Mojito Party Deluxe Gift Set

Enhancing the Experience:

Mingle Cucumber Melon Mojito
Using our Mingle Cucumber Melon Mojito Alcohol-free Sparkling Mocktail, serve chilled in a tall glass over ice with fresh mint and cucumber wheel, or add 1 oz rum for a skinny cocktail.
Black Bean and Corn Salsa
Using our Galena Canning Company Black Bean & Corn Salsa, add sliced avocado, diced tomato & onion, and serve over shredded chicken tacos for a delicious meal.
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