Nora Fleming Gift Ideas

Nora Fleming Gift Ideas

We've got you covered on Nora Fleming gift ideas this year!

Style meets function with the variety of serving trays, platters, and other kitchen and home items. Not only are the pieces beautiful on their own, but the mini's bring the holidays to life. 

Who is a Nora Fleming gift good for?

  • A new homeowner - New homeowners are just laying the groundwork for years of entertaining in their new space. Help them stock up with serving platters as they begin the journey of filling up their home with holiday memories.
  • The hostess with the mostest- If you know someone that loves hosting and does it beautifully, gift them a new Nora Fleming piece and a few minis to add to their fun! You know it will be put to good use in their hands.
  • The Nora Fleming Fan - Some people already really love using Nora Fleming for serving guests at gatherings. But, consider getting them something they may not have already! They likely have serving platters, but they've probably been eyeing the "Cutie Container", "Memo Board", or Minis Keepsake Box!

What pieces can I gift?

  • Serving Pieces- The serving platters and pieces, from chip and dip trays to cake pedestals, are the most common Nora Fleming items to gift. Coming in a range of sizes and classic styles, they are incredibly functional as well as beautiful.
  • Decor- Nora Fleming also has a variety of decor pieces like ceramic signs and decorative holders.
  • Minis- No Nora Fleming gift is complete without a couple of mini charms. From holidays to birthdays, we've got all the minis you'll need in store.

We hope this will serve up some inspiration and make gifting a little bit easier this season!


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