Our Favorite Wines for Any Weekend

Like most, we love the weekends. And, it's the perfect time to 'wine' - down! We are showcasing some of our favorite wines that are perfect for any weekend, whether it's a cozy date night at home, or a dinner party with all of your friends! We've got you covered with our favorite, August Hill Winery.

From dry reds to sweet whites, our store has some of the best August Hill has to offer.

Suggested pairings and vino experiences:

We love the wines above for "light bites" - Hors d'oevures and appetizers, cheese plates and delicious desserts. Invite your friends over for drinks after work and enjoy these delicious wines! Just think how perfect that Caramel Apple wine would be beside some crackers and fresh brie. Yum!

Suggested pairings and vino experiences:

We love the above wines for hearty meals - pasta dishes, steak meals, and chili. This fall and winter, enjoy a glass of red wine as you nourish your guests with some hearty home-cooked meals. Nothing says cozy quite like a glass of red wine!


You really can't go wrong with any bottle of August Hill. And the best part? Our shelves are always stocked with our favorites. Just pop in the store and browse to your heart's content.

And bonus! We've got you covered on appetizer and meal options, too. Check out our fresh food market items here.


Cheers, friends!