Peace Marketplace Gift Guide for Those Who Love to Cook

We're back with another gift guide to make your holiday planning that much easier. This tie, we focusing on gifts for people who love to spend time in the kitchen preparing great meals. All the gifts below you can find right in store!
Serving boards are really versatile gifts for cooks. We offer a variety of serving and cutting boards depending on kitchen needs. Our marble boards are great for charcuterie, while our wooden boards can be used for serving or meal preparation.

We proudly carry Lodge products in our store, from cast iron skillets, to various bakeware options. They are perfect gifts for people who really appreciate quality kitchen products. 
One of our favorite gifts for people who love to cook are cookbooks. While many recipes can be found online these days, there is something really special about a handheld cook book. They're functional and beautiful to style a kitchen shelf, too.
Our fresh food market offers countless opportunities for people to get creative in the kitchen. We have a variety of salsas, sauces, dips, and even fresh pasta and pasta sauces. All of our consumables would be great gifted on their own, but for a more personal touch, consider adding a serving tray or bowl to your consumable gift!
Olive oil, a staple for people who love to cook, is a great gift because of it's frequent use in the kitchen. We offer an assortment of flavors like Roasted Garlic, Greek Kalamata, Sundried Tomato Parmesan & Garlic, and more!
So, we've got you covered on gifts for anyone in your life who loves to cook. And here's a fun tip: if you like a few smaller options, we'll even help you put together a gift basket full of kitchen favorites!