Spring Candle Guide - Brand New Scents!

Spring Candle Guide - Brand New Scents!

Spring has sprung at Peace Marketplace! And we’re celebrating with our brand new candle scents that are now lining the store shelves. As the trees bloom, bring life to your home with bright fresh scents. When purchasing candles, keep these things in mind:

  • Think about your favorite spring scents - fresh florals are always a great go-to!
  • Consider the quality of your candle - Many candles are paraffin based, which aren't the best for your home. Think about looking for soy or beeswax candles that utilize essential oils. They are a bit healthier and don't compromise scents or long-lasting burns!
  • Find a candle that looks as great as it smells - Look for candles that will blend seamlessly into your home's design. Not only will they look like they 'belong' in any room, but they are a great gift, too!

Some store-favorite scents have been restocked, like our Blackberry Sage, Lemony Verbena, and Oak Apple & Lavender! But, we are so excited to introduce just a few of the fantastic new candles too.

  • Peach Tea - A refreshing balance of sweetened iced tea, ginger and juicy peach
  • Weathered Teak - Leads with spicy tones of ginger and peppercorn. Middle notes of teak wood and tobacco leaf fuse into the finale of amber, green mush and sandalwood.
  • Sugared Citrus - Sugared showered citrus and tropical fruits of strawberry and guava atop wood and greens.
  • Apothecary - Aromatherapy infusion of rosemary, fir needle, cedar leaf and green florals surround its earth sage base.

Stop by the store and check out these scents and so many more!

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