Spring Wine Pairings with August Hill

With the spring weather on the way, we're sharing some wine pairing inspiration for the welcomed season change with our favorite, August Hill wines!

Charcuterie & Sweet Catawba

Small bites and cheese plates are the best place to start for any meal prepping. Consider pairing a charcuterie board with August Hill's Sweet Catawba, a light fruity blush wine!

Store tip: stop in and check out our beautiful serving boards and artisanal market to level up your charcuterie!

Fresh Fruit & Moscato

Serving up some fresh fruit or fruit inspired desserts? Grab a bottle of Moscato in store for an elegant addition to your spring fruit pairing.

Pasta Primavera & Chardonel

Nothing says spring like a delicious pasta primavera! Pair fresh seasonal vegetables with August Hill's Chardonel for a rich yet refreshing wine.

Seasonal Meats & Berlyn

August Hill's Berlyn is the perfect table red for any seasonal spring meats and main courses. It appeals to both dry and sweet red drinkers, and is a fan favorite for a reason!

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