Summer Wellness - Tips & Inspiration

The 4th of July tends to unofficially mark the halfway point for the summer. And while your calendars have likely filled up, it’s still a good time to check in and reset and bring in some restful wellness.

We’re all about making the most of our summer gatherings, but we’re also passionate about living intentionally. So, we’re bringing you a few tips and pieces of inspiration to lean into wellness for the rest of this season.

  • Staying hydrated. - Undoubtedly, one of the most important ways to care for yourself, especially amidst the summer heat, is to drink enough water. Sometimes though, building up that habit can be a bit tricky during the hustle and bustle of a busy summer. To help, we suggest snagging a new water bottle to take on the go, or jazzing up your water at home with cut fresh fruit. Make something as simple as staying hydrated an experience you enjoy!
  • Investing in quality body products. - Long days out in the sun mean extra care for your skin. Don’t forget to invest in quality products to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. Look for all natural ingredients from makers who really believe in their products! 
  • Crafting an intentional space for relaxing.- One of the easiest ways to refocus on wellness is to create an intentional space to relax. It can be as simple as switching out the decor in a room to be a place for reading and resting. Or finding a place outside to reconnect and reset over a morning cup of tea. (Stop by the store or shop online for some of our favorite home decor pieces to enhance your space!)

Summer can be tough on us- the days are often long and hot. So, beat the midsummer blues and reset with self care and wellness at the top of your to do list!

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