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      Peace Marketplace "Home" — Bites and Beverages

      Christmas Craft Beers

      Christmas Craft Beers

      Cheers to winter on the way! Celebrate the holidays with some delicious craft beers right from Peace Marketplace. Did you know we carry local favorites like Marz Community Brewing and Hailstorm Brewing? 

      With Christmas on the way, we're delivering you some festive inspiration for our favorite craft beers!

      • Wine isn't the only thing you can pair with some light bites. Consider grabbing a few craft beers, some cheeses, and whip up some appetizers for an easy date night at home. The best part? We've got you covered on the bites and bevs right from the store!
      • Nothing says Merry Christmas like craft beer. From Stouts to IPAs, we've got something for everyone. Don't know where to start? Let us help you find the perfect style. And, we'll even gift wrap for you!
      • Like any good beverage, it's best enjoyed with friends and family. So, this holiday, host a craft beer exchange. Have your friends gather with their favorites and enjoy some delicious beverages.

       If you prefer wine, check out our August Hill Wine post!

      Cheers and happy holidays! 

      Appetizers Made Easy & A Free Download!

      Appetizers Made Easy & A Free Download!

      Turkey might be the star of the show at the dinner table on Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean your appetizers can’t pack a punch, too! 

      Providing apps and starters is a balancing act. You want your guests to have something delicious to snack on before the main course comes out, but you also still want them to reserve an appetite for dinner. We’ve lined up three appetizer options that are the perfect blend of light and delicious. And the best part? You can pick everything up right in store!

      Spinach artichoke dips are always a great route to go for appetizers. Our River Valley dip mix is so easy - just add cream cheese! Paired with our Isola crostini is the perfect light bite for your guests this Thanksgiving!


      Bruschetta has never been so good! The spicy olive bruschetta is a great take on an old favorite. Served with our Isola bruschetta for a perfect blend of flavors!
      Chips and salsa are a crowd pleaser for a reason. Pair River Valley Ranch's heirloom tomato salsa with Masa Uno's chips and you've nailed the simplest appetizer with bold flavor!



      Wine Pairings for the Thanksgiving Table

      Wine Pairings for the Thanksgiving Table

      Thanksgiving is almost here, and while you've probably got the main dishes planned for, we're here to be your wine pairing guide as you serve up some amazing meals. 

      Wine, when done right, can be the best addition to any gathering. Thoughtful pairings enhance already delicious dishes. So, here's a little guide on wine pairing for the Thanksgiving table.

      Start your pairings with a table wine. A wine like this should be a balance of sweet and dry flavors. You'll please a number of palates, and it will compliment both side dishes and main courses. Our recommendation: August Hill's Berlyn, can be served chilled or at room temperature.


      Once the turkey is carved, uncork a specialty wine meant for the main event. Try a wine with a bolder flavor or some bubbles that not only might be something new for your guests, but will wow them with its compatibility your main dish. Our recommendation: August Hill's Cranberry Infusion, a bubbly take on a traditional Thanksgiving duo.


      And finally, to round out your wine pairings for the meal, finish with a classic moscato. The sweet and light flavors pair best with desserts. Our recommendation: August Hill's Moscato, served chilled - perfect with fresh slice of pumpkin pie.

      Our Favorite Pumpkin Desserts

      Our Favorite Pumpkin Desserts

      There isn't a better time of year to enjoy pumpkin desserts than around Thanksgiving. It's the perfect season for hearty desserts that bring about all the coziness this sweet season has to offer.

      We're rounding up some of our favorite pumpkin recipes to try out this Thanksgiving!

      Magnolia Pumpkin Cheesecake

      It's no bake, and served in personal sized jars, garnished with whipped cream and graham cracker crumbs. It tastes as sweet as it looks. Check it out here!

      Real Simple Pumpkin Bread

      This quick bread is too good to pass up. Made with pumpkin pie filling, and plenty of autumn spices, this bread is one to try. Check it out here!

      Cottages and Bungalows Pumpkin Blondies

      Pumpkin meets brownie meets cookie. Doesn't get much better! Cottages and Bungalows's featured recipe from Jamielyn Nye is one you absolutely need on your dessert table this Thanksgiving. Check it out here!

      Good Housekeeping Pumpkin Mousse

      Take your pumpkin to the next level with this pumpkin spice mouse. (It's way easier than it sounds!) Their suggested pairing: ginger cookies. YUM. Check it out here!

      Better Homes and Gardens Pumpkin Donuts

      Spiced sugar and doughy goodness! And the best part? These could pass as breakfast, too! Check it out here!

      Halloween Grazing Board - Sweets and Treats!

      Halloween Grazing Board - Sweets and Treats!

      Let's be honest, some of the best parts of Halloween are all the treats! But, we're leveling up our candy game with a grazing board this year.

      Grazing boards are perfect for gatherings both large and small. Essentially, they are platters with small bites. They can be traditional appetizers, fruits, or even veggies. But, in the spirit of Halloween, we're going all out - sweet style! And the best part about this grazing board? The kids will love it, too!

      Building your board is easy- grab your favorite salty and sweet treats and a platter or serving board (we have some dreamy serving boards in the store that you might just have to snag for this)! Then arrange your snacks however you want. Our favorite way is to have a balance of salty and sweet, organize items abstractly, and cover the board entirely.

      Here are some fun ideas to put your grazing board to use:

      -Having a Halloween get-together? Plan ahead and put a small grazing board together. Everyone get's their candy fix and can spend some time together, too!

      -Host a movie night after Halloween. Put all that extra candy to use with a grazing board full of salty and sweet options that are sure to meet everyone's snack fix.

      Happy grazing!