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      Peace Marketplace "Home" — Dixie Bell

      Dixie Belle Gifts for Crafters

      Dixie Belle Gifts for Crafters

      The season for gifting is here and we've got you covered with a series of gift guides for all of the people you love. We're starting with Dixie Belle gift ideas for a crafter in your life! Dixie Belle paints, most commonly used for furniture painting, are perfect for someone who loves a project and appreciates a quality product.

      Not only do the paints come in a variety of colors perfect for any home or design, but they come highly recommended, too.  And in addition to the paints themselves, we carry a number of other crafting essentials: from glazes to waxes and tools to make projects easier. 

      Stop by the store to grab all the Dixie Belle essentials for a crafter in your life!