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      Nora Fleming Gift Ideas

      Nora Fleming Gift Ideas

      We've got you covered on Nora Fleming gift ideas this year!

      Style meets function with the variety of serving trays, platters, and other kitchen and home items. Not only are the pieces beautiful on their own, but the mini's bring the holidays to life. 

      Who is a Nora Fleming gift good for?

      • A new homeowner - New homeowners are just laying the groundwork for years of entertaining in their new space. Help them stock up with serving platters as they begin the journey of filling up their home with holiday memories.
      • The hostess with the mostest- If you know someone that loves hosting and does it beautifully, gift them a new Nora Fleming piece and a few minis to add to their fun! You know it will be put to good use in their hands.
      • The Nora Fleming Fan - Some people already really love using Nora Fleming for serving guests at gatherings. But, consider getting them something they may not have already! They likely have serving platters, but they've probably been eyeing the "Cutie Container", "Memo Board", or Minis Keepsake Box!

      What pieces can I gift?

      • Serving Pieces- The serving platters and pieces, from chip and dip trays to cake pedestals, are the most common Nora Fleming items to gift. Coming in a range of sizes and classic styles, they are incredibly functional as well as beautiful.
      • Decor- Nora Fleming also has a variety of decor pieces like ceramic signs and decorative holders.
      • Minis- No Nora Fleming gift is complete without a couple of mini charms. From holidays to birthdays, we've got all the minis you'll need in store.

      We hope this will serve up some inspiration and make gifting a little bit easier this season!


      Workplace Gifting

      Workplace Gifting

      Tis the gifting season. While many find joy in gathering gifts for friends and family, it can be daunting as your shopping list grows. We're here to make gifting this season a little bit easier with intentional gift guides for all the people in your life.

      Many of us, spend much of our time with work friends and acquaintances. So, it's natural to want to consider a thoughtful little gift for these people in our lives. Our favorite gifts for the workplace are delicious consumables. Check out our list of holiday workplace treats you can find right in the store!



      • Shared candies for a department to enjoy - Nothing says sweet treats like a box of assorted chocolate - there is something for everyone! Have a department in your workplace you'd like to grab a gift for? Stop by and grab some Cora Lee Candies, or put together a basket of a variety of snacks.
      • AnnieB's Salted Caramel Popcorn - The best of both worlds with this salty sweet classic. A great little hearty treat for any workplace friend!
      • Peppermint Bark - This might be our favorite holiday treat by AnnieB's! The cool peppermint crunch and chocolate is the best winter sweet.
      • AnnieB's Caramel -This is the perfect little treat to go around. Within just one bag, you'll get ten individually wrapped caramels that your co-workers are sure to enjoy.
      • Toffee- B.T. McElrath's toffee are some of the most deliciously rich treats in the store. You might even be tempted to keep these for yourself!

      Happy gifting and happy holidays from your friends at Peace Marketplace!

      Christmas Craft Beers

      Christmas Craft Beers

      Cheers to winter on the way! Celebrate the holidays with some delicious craft beers right from Peace Marketplace. Did you know we carry local favorites like Marz Community Brewing and Hailstorm Brewing? 

      With Christmas on the way, we're delivering you some festive inspiration for our favorite craft beers!

      • Wine isn't the only thing you can pair with some light bites. Consider grabbing a few craft beers, some cheeses, and whip up some appetizers for an easy date night at home. The best part? We've got you covered on the bites and bevs right from the store!
      • Nothing says Merry Christmas like craft beer. From Stouts to IPAs, we've got something for everyone. Don't know where to start? Let us help you find the perfect style. And, we'll even gift wrap for you!
      • Like any good beverage, it's best enjoyed with friends and family. So, this holiday, host a craft beer exchange. Have your friends gather with their favorites and enjoy some delicious beverages.

       If you prefer wine, check out our August Hill Wine post!

      Cheers and happy holidays! 

      August Hill for the Holidays

      August Hill for the Holidays

      December is here, and we're in the sweet spot between Thanksgiving and New Year's. The holiday hustle and bustle surrounds us as we gather gifts, bake cookies, and fill our homes with cheer. 

      We want to make this time of year easier on you with gift ideas and inspiration, as well as provide you with opportunities to find rest and joy this season. And what better way to kick that off than with a glass of wine!

      August Hill Wine, our go-to at Peace Marketplace, offers a variety of delicious styles that are perfect for any number of occasions this month. We've been inspired to share some ideas to start off the Christmas season. So, here's to August Hill for the holidays, and cheers to kicking off the most magical time of the year!

      • One perfect way to use August Hill this Christmas is to gift it to a loved one. Wine is meant to be shared and paired. So not only are you gifting a great bottle of wine, but you're gifting an experience. Pair some of our favorite wines with artisanal handmade glasses, meal components for a date night in, or our favorite sweets. You can find everything right at Peace Marketplace, and we'll even gift wrap it for you, too!
      • Another way to enjoy a glass of August Hill wine is to host a holiday get together. Have guests don their best Christmas sweater and bring their favorite bottle of wine and something to pair with it. We're thinking delicious cheeses and dark chocolate! Cue the Christmas tunes and enjoy a wine night with friends.
      • And finally, one of the simplest ways to enjoy your wine during this season is to light a candle or two and uncork a bottle of August Hill. The chaos of the holidays is hard to escape, but allow yourself rest and relaxation as you close out the year with a simple quiet night in your home.

      Cheers, friends!