The Perfect Charcuterie Board

 From beautiful wood & marble serving boards to artisanal market staples, we've got everything you need in the store to put together the perfect charcuterie board! Check out some of our suggestions below for a delicious snack board!


How to build a Charcuterie Board

  • Board Size: This recipe is a guide to fill up a board about the size of a baking sheet. If you want to use something smaller or larger, just keep that in mind and scale the variety and amount of food you need accordingly.
  • Prep Before You Build: Cut up cheese, breads, veggies, or fruits first. Make sure everything you want for the board is out so you can pick and choose easily. You also don’t want to forget something, especially if there’s no room left on the board anymore. 
  • For Gluten-free Guests: Make sure either all the components are gluten-free, or place the items that do have gluten in separate bowls apart from the main charcuterie board.
  • Pack the Board: The prettiest charcuterie boards are loaded with goodies and look abundant, so fill it up!
  • Don’t Forget the Utensils: Have a few small sets of tongs scattered about, make sure anything in a bowl has a small serving spoon, and add cheese knives if you choose not to pre-cut the cheese.
  • Don’t Pack It with Bread: Bread and crackers take up a lot of room. Display a few on the board but just put the rest in a side bowl or plate so people can grab more.
  • Remember the Wine! Wine and charcuterie boards are a natural pairing, so don’t forget to add a bottle of wine or two to your shopping list. I love a crisp sparkling wine or a lambrusco during happy hour, which also pair well with cured meats and cheeses.  

Ingredient Suggestions

  • 1 to 2 SpreadsDips, Hummus, Tapenade, Whole-grain mustard, Whipped cheese, Pepper jelly, Salted butter
  • 2 to 3 Cheeses: 
    Soft: Brie, chèvre, camembert, fontina, Saint-André
    Hard or Semisoft: manchego, Gruyère, Comté, aged cheddar, fontina, gouda
    Crumbly: blue, aged goat, Parmesan
    - Marinated or Flavored: marinated feta, marinated fresh mozzarella, herb-and-garlic cheese
  • 2 to 3 Meats:
    Cured and Sliced: salami, ham, prosciutto, serrano, Spanish chorizo
    - Pâtés and Terrines
  • 2 to 3 Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: Small grape clusters, Berries, Sliced apples or pears, Quartered figs, Cherry or grape tomatoes, Sliced cucumbers, Sliced or quartered radishes, Edible flowers for decoration
  • 2 to 3 Breads and Crunchy Things: Crackers, Sliced bread, Crostini, Pita chips, Nuts, Corn nuts, Pretzel chips , Crunchy breadsticks
  • 1 to 2 Sweets: Dried fruit, Honey, Fig jam, Chocolate pieces, Membrillo, Guava paste
  • 1 to 2 Briny Things: Olives, Cornichons, Pickled vegetables

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