Wine Pairings for the Thanksgiving Table

Wine Pairings for the Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is almost here, and while you've probably got the main dishes planned for, we're here to be your wine pairing guide as you serve up some amazing meals. 

Wine, when done right, can be the best addition to any gathering. Thoughtful pairings enhance already delicious dishes. So, here's a little guide on wine pairing for the Thanksgiving table.

Start your pairings with a table wine. A wine like this should be a balance of sweet and dry flavors. You'll please a number of palates, and it will compliment both side dishes and main courses. Our recommendation: August Hill's Berlyn, can be served chilled or at room temperature.


Once the turkey is carved, uncork a specialty wine meant for the main event. Try a wine with a bolder flavor or some bubbles that not only might be something new for your guests, but will wow them with its compatibility your main dish. Our recommendation: August Hill's Cranberry Infusion, a bubbly take on a traditional Thanksgiving duo.


And finally, to round out your wine pairings for the meal, finish with a classic moscato. The sweet and light flavors pair best with desserts. Our recommendation: August Hill's Moscato, served chilled - perfect with fresh slice of pumpkin pie.

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