Winter Bucket List

We're in the thick of winter, finally with a good snowfall under our belts. But, sometimes, it's nice to be reminded of our favorite parts of this season, especially after all the dust settles from the holidays. So, check out some of our winter bucket list items. Tackle one or a few, or even create your own, but we hope you enjoy the rest of this beautiful winter!

  • Weekend road trip - Soak in all the midwest has to offer in the winter with a snowy weekend road trip. Maybe it's a ski trip, or a weekend in a quiet little town. Check out some of our favorite road trip spots.
  • Try a new recipe - While we're likely spending a bit more time in the comfort of our own home, it might be nice to refresh some things in the kitchen with a new recipe. Whether it's for a dinner party, or a dessert for two, browse your favorite cook books or check out some seasonal magazines for new things to try!
  • Organize & purge your closet - Take a day to rifle through your closet and purge any items that just don't seem to be worn anymore. The organization will leave you and your space feeling refreshed for the year!
  • Read a new book - Head to your local library and check out some new must-reads! There are always great suggestions and great books to add to your list! Cozy up on a snowy day with a fresh new read!
  • Spend time outside - Even though these winter days can be a bit brutal, it really does make all the difference in the world getting some fresh air. A walk around the block. A winter hiking day (The frozen waterfalls at Starved Rock are beautiful this time of year!) Or maybe even some backyard roasted marshmallows over a fire! Make it a point to try and get outside once or twice this season!

Here's to 2022 and a great rest of the season!

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